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Aug 7, 2013 5:30pm PDT
and into southeastern great lakes region. in fact, we have one tornado touchdown reported in texas from this system. tomorrow it's going to be widely spread across much of the eastern half all the way from texas/oklahoma panhandle into new england states. the big apple, d.c., boston, these are the areas that you will find drenching rain that could lead to flash flooding and we can't rule out the possibility of tornadic activity. towards the south, still sizzling hot at houston, 38 degrees. although the humidity level is still very low, 5% in some areas and windy as well. so if the dry thunderstorms across this area ignites wildfires, that's going to be widely spread. extreme fire danger taking place again here. in europe the heat still prevails. the jetstream is still meandering down to the south in the west and to the north in the east. it is bringing severe weather across this area. this has already ignited funnel clouds in germany and hail have been reported, winds of has been reported in czech republic. it will be continuing this way. but we're still talking about the heat which is covering eas
Aug 19, 2013 7:30am EDT
televidentes, una carta que llegÓ al programa desde texas de miriam, dice soy residente cuando vivÍa en la flori florida, en el 2009 me mudÉ a texas, apliquÉ por la ciudadanÍa, nunca avisÉ por la direcciÓn, quiero saber si enviarle a inmigraciÓn una notificaciÓn, afecta mi aplicaciÓn, y como remediar la situaciÓn para no perjudicarme. >>> excelente pregunta, el servicio de inmigraciÓn, ve con importancia y necesidad que la gente informe el cambio de direcciÓn. >>> es algo benigno, no intencional, no creo que tenga problema, desde el 2009 si en o se hizo ciudadana que se haga, y simplemente en su aplicaciÓn n 400 ponga la direcciÓn correcta, y que llene ahora mismo, karla la forma ar 11, una forma muy sencilla que se baja del internet, que haga su cambio de direcciÓn y se acabo el problema. eso realmente no es como dicen los gringos una gran cosa. >>> sÍ, quÉ bueno que sean buenas noticias, quÉ bueno que tiene soluciÓn, vamos con otra carta. de lisett, que llega desde oakland california, dice:lleguÉ a estados unidos con mis padres al tener dos aÑos con visa temporal, y e
Aug 2, 2013 6:00am PDT
hour. reported here in northern texas. also, a flood risk into montana and portions of the dakotas. the tail end of this front causing heavy rainfall. the southern u.s. here, well, conditions are improving, but it is going to stay on the hot side and this is what i'm talking about. oklahoma city as well, feel like it's into the 40s combined with the humidity there. if you want to go somewhere cooler, toronto and new york, partly cloudy skies, temperatures into the 20s. europe, in the main topic is this high pressure that is dominating, but there is something coming in from west. it's this well developed system you can see here in the satellite picture. this cold front, that is triggering some thunderstorm activity there across portions of france. you have the cold front, you have warm temperatures ahead of the fron that's pushing through and a dip in the jet stream. at the base of it, that is where we see thunderstorm activity, possibly tornado and hail. this is looking like the spring and the fall months, early august, when you get these big shifts in temperatures. london, you saw
Aug 6, 2013 5:30pm PDT
are looking at more severe thunderstorms to come across the region from northern texas and into the great lakes region. it is still quite hot across much of the arklatex region reaching 38 degrees in houston with plenty of sunshine. now to europe. it is quite hot across the eastern areas here, as well, due to the african heat moving all the way to the south. the jet stream meanders to the north and east and south. western areas unstable area continues. we had a report of 115 kilometers per hour gusts reported in the czech republic. we have eight centimeter dynameter hail reported in germany. temperatures are shaping up like this and it will be continuing to be very hot across the central locations. so do be precautious for heat stroke. i'll leave you now for the extended forecast. >>> that's all for now on this edition of "newsline". i'm raja pradhan in tokyo. we'll be back with the latest at the top of the hour. thanks for joining us on nhk world.  >> you need to know that mark mazzoni wrote this that here -- of course it's the first thing i would tell you. he i
Aug 7, 2013 6:00am PDT
out for. as the system passes cooler air lr spilling in. stays really hot through texas and louisiana. towards the west dry and windy and fairly warm. 29 degrees in seattle. meanwhile we have 38 in houston. going to feel a lot hotter than that with humidity. think about the temperatures in the mid to upper 40s. and into europe we go. dry conditions now for the british isles but we have pretty severe storms. from iberia towards finland, very unstable here on the other side of the jet stream. we are seeing temperatures cooling down, as well, as the storms proceed further into central europe. the heat builds towards the southeast. take a look at vienna. 35 in warsaw. you can see the divide where we have the pretty immediate cool down on the other side of the jet stream. 26 degrees in berlin. 25 in paris. let's see how other cities in central europe are going to be affected by the cooler air coming in. prague dropping from 32 down to 22. 35 in warsaw coming down to a fairly cool 20 degrees. here's your extended forecast. . >>> we have breaking news the diplomatic divisions between the u.s
Aug 30, 2013 6:00am PDT
at the johnson space center in texas. they're running simulations to prepare for any emergencies that might occur during their mission. these include fire and rapid loss of cabin pressure. he practiced issuing instructions to the other astronauts in communicating with ground control staff by radio. wakat a will head up to the space station in november aboard the russian spacecraft. he'll be there for six months and serve as commander for the final two months. >> i will like to keep a good communication between the crew members and also all the mission control centers and program folks. and that's the key. and i would like to contribute to the good communication of the team. >> wakata will also train in germany and russia before he begins his historic assignment. >>> that's "newsline" for this hour. i'm gene otani in tokyo. ♪ >>> job fairs like this are held almost every month in china. the number ow
Aug 6, 2013 5:00pm PDT
're looking at more severe thunderstorms to come across the region, all the way from northern texas and into the great lakes region. it's still quite hot across much of the arklatex region, reaching 38 degrees in houston, with plenty of sunshine. now to europe. it's quite hot across the eastern areas here, as well, due to the african heat moving south. so the jet stream meanders to the north and east and to the south. and the western areas and unstable weather will be continuing here. we have a report of 115 kilometers per hour, gusts reported in czech republic in the three-hour span, 90 millimeters of rain fell in the same country. and we have eight centimeter diameter in germany. that's going to be taking place in similar regions from northeastern spain and into finland today. temperatures are shaping up like this, and it will be continuing to be very hot across the central locations. so do be precaution for heatstroke. now for our extended forecast. >>> here's one more story to share with you before we go. workers at a zoo in osaka are helping the animals stay cool in scorching s
Aug 21, 2013 7:30am EDT
fue deportada desde texas en un vuelo con indocumentados, fue de nuevo encarcelada, llevada al reclusorido de mujeres para enfrentar a la justicia por cargos de lavado de dinero, el 25 de julio, fue sentenciada por un tribunal de florida, a 70 meses de prisiÓn, por ayudar a escapar a su pareja sentimental, el tigre, el 30 de julio obtuvo la libertad. la triste imagen del barco costa concordÍa del barco semihundido, desaparecerÁ, lo pondran a flote en septiembre, le pusieron un par de grandes flotadores en la proa para estabilizarlo, 5 tripulantes fueron condenados por el naufragio que dejÓ a 32 muertos, y el capitÁn encara un juicio. la popular frase solo en nueva york, resalta lo peculiar de la ciudad, cobra fuerza literalmente por lo alto, los turistas se pueden alojar aen u cuarto de hotel al aire libre, en un piso 17, tiene lujos, champaÑa, chimenea y tambiÉn para pasar una noche romÁntico, a un precio bajo las estrellas, y por las nubes, 2 mil dÓlares diarios, y opciÓn para bolsillos modestos, 300 dÓlares por noche, en la parte posterior de la terraza, bueno no
Aug 22, 2013 7:30am EDT
. josÉ de texas, que cumple 8 aÑos, es todo un galÁn. mira, el prÓximo enrique iglesias. >>> sÍ. >>> si quieren enviarnos su foto de cumpleaÑos, visitan univisiÓ y busque (nombre en inglÉs). >>> (nombre en inglÉs). >>> mi acento britÁnico no lo entienden. >>> con gael. >>> con gael garcÍa. >>> estudiaste. ♪. ♪. ♪. cÓmo se llama esto? ♪. ♪. ♪. >>> bailale anita. >>> abajo, abajo, abajo. ♪. ♪. ♪. ♪. ♪ llevatelo. llevatelo. ♪. ♪. >>> rompale el estrÉs, y pÓngase en forma a ritmo de tambores, la nueva modalidad que te tonifica y convierte en percusionista. >>> y tenemos, miren, oiga, esÁa increÍble, no te quedarÁs esperando en el trÁfico de calles. el primer carro volador. >>> el carro volador. >>> oigan, y caballeros, hombres con varices, no solamente las mujeres padecen de esta enfermedad, le decimos quÉ las causa, y el tramiento para erradicarlas. >>> tengo una varice. >>> los detalles del escarmiento del actor sebastiÁn rulli le dio a los que le levantaron falsos. de quÉ manera les hizo pagar. >>> dÓnde crees? >>> en el revoltillo. ♪.
Aug 20, 2013 7:30am EDT
comienzan las clases, vemos a monse en su primer dÍa de escuela en houston texas. >>> saludamos a cesar herrera que comenzÓ su escuela media en california. >>> sÍ, sigan usando el hashtag etiqueta regreso a la escuea la, estudien niÑos, sino serÁn presentadores de televisiÓn guev oye. >>> quÉ tiene de malo, mira, lo Único que hacemos es bailar. tacher, tacher, eh, eh. >>> estudien niÑos. sino quedarÁn como yo. ♪. ♪. ♪. ♪. ♪. deja, deja, deja que te cuente. >>> bueno, deja que te cuente. >>> si. >>> (risas) >>> hoy me siento espÉrate, me siento bendito entre las mujeres. >>> sÍ, andale. >>> ese escote sugestivo, muy bien maity. >>>, muy bien. (risas) >>> y la falda tambiÉn. >>> que se pare, que se pare. ♪. ♪. ♪. >>> andele. >>> ay! (aplausos) vuelta, vuelta. >>> vuelta. >>> queremos show. >>> espero que se me pegue, entre tanta boda. >>> soltera o casada? >>> soltera. >>> cÓmo es tu prÍncipe azul, cuÉntame? >>> tenemos cuÁntas horas de show? >>> 4. >>> no tenemos suficiente, antes que me regaÑe carmen, vamos a mÉxico, con pilar presa que tambiÉn estÁ b
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)